Justin RudasingwaSouth Plains Church of Christ continues to support the Lord's work in Rwanda, as we are supporting the New Testament Church of Christ in Kigali with its building costs.  Justin Rudasingwa will be reporting occasionally on this work.  Our own Charles Stephenson and Kyle Beard went to Kigali over Spring Break 2010, and based on their findings, South Plains sent another small group to Kigali during the summer of 2010.  God has blessed the work in Kigali started by Kyle and Luz Beard and has also blessed us with the opportunity to keep working with them in the future.


SEPTEMBER 2016 - Justin Rudasingwa's mission report with several new photos!  CLICK HERE

APRIL 2016 - Justin Rudasingwa's mission report with several new photos!

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Justin's Birthday Cake!Justin blowing out the candles!OCTOBER 2012

Justin Rudasingwa visited the United States!  He got to see many sites in Lubbock, Texas.  There was a reception at South Plains Church of Christ in his honor on Wednesday evening, October 3.  We also celebrated Justin's birthday!

MARCH 13, 2012



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 Greetings from the NTCC’s fellowship in Rwanda.

The month of March brought us rain and the weather is a lot better. It is mildly warm and cool. The rains may at times come at a price, like an early down pour that blessed the early morning of last Sunday. It prevented most people from attending church as it rained for over four hours. We were so few and the noise on the iron sheet roof made it difficult for any audio communication. Scripture lesson was projected on white board for everyone to read, write and meditate on until the rain ceased.


International Women’s Day that falls on 8th March is celebrated in Rwanda with pomp. Women from all walks of life assemble at local administrative centers throughout the country to show case their political, economic and cultural advancements. It is without doubt that a lot has been achieved through the present government’s deliberate policy of inclusion of women in all sectors of public life. Favorable laws on inheritance, universal primary education and in other areas that affect women, like in maternal and child health, were enacted. It is without doubt that much remains to be done in economic and cultural fields. A debate on women’s capability and participation/representation in all social settings of our society is rife in the local media and seems not to spare the churches either. A” balance “, they advocate, ought to be seen especially in leadership positions. In our case the Bible remains ultimate guide.


The President of Oklahoma Christian University (OCU), Mike O’Neal, with his successor President, led a big delegation of educationists and a group of business men from OCU and the Greater Atlanta School to Rwanda. Yesterday the delegation met President Kagame and reviewed with satisfaction their mutual relationship that begun in 2006. OCU offers the famous 10 Presidential scholarships annualy. There are 60 students currently studying at ACU. They pledged to start a school of excellence this year at a high school level and eventually develop into a university. It will be a joint venture between OCU and the Greater Atlanta School.


God called sister Aisha, who was a practicing Moslem, to faith. She lost both of her parents at an early age and was raised by a Moslem aunt from the Southern Province of Rwanda. She came to Kigali in search of a job and was part of the group of women that underwent Cake Baking training conducted by Kathryn and Tonya last year. We kept inviting her to church until she agreed to attend a Welcome to Family Class which is now being taught to new members. We are very encouraged by her bold decision to be baptized in church and her willingness to serve the Lord. She is welcome to the family!


It is a big blessing to have amongst us a seasoned Christian and an Elder, Paul Kamuzinzi, who has offered to train NTCC congregation on how to play their roles in order to realize church growth and maturity. We are grateful for his time and dedication to God’s work.


We launched our first Home Fellowship and Bible Study groups. Two homes of Sam and Suzan Kayumba and Paul and Faith Kamuzinzi have opened their doors for hosting the initial communions of believers and those who will be convicted to believe in Christ. Join us in prayer that more souls may be attracted to Jesus through these contacts.


Some English Training is going on at the NTCC seat by Charles and Justin to a small group of people with different educational backgrounds. It is at such a slow pace as we await bigger things to happen. We received encouragements from Ken Rainwater and Kyle Beard informing us of possible send off of English trainers from LST sometime in future? There is hope that things are taking shape. We shall wait on Him to bless all these good efforts.


It is our desire to make IPRC (INTEGRATED POLYTECHNIC REGIONAL CENTER) the center for all activity of promoting World Bible School Cause. It has not been easy for our group to interact with the students this month as they are busy with exams. We intend to take it up at the beginning of their next Semester in May.


We are back in business with sweet looking children who have blessed our church with their regular attendance. It took us a while to find a replacement for an earlier group that was attracted away by a former disgruntled member. We have been praying for more children and now God has provided. Thanks to Luz Beard’s provisions of study materials that will help with Sunday school and also her artfull designs on the wall.

Thank you South Plains Church of Christ for all the support and Christian love for the advancement of His Kingdom in Rwanda.

In Christ,

Justin Rudasingwa


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