The Church in Lima, Peru

Missionary: Maximo Callao


Jr. Flor de viento 177

Urb. Sta. Isabel

Lima 6  PERU



Thanks to Kern Stutler, one of our elders, and Jim Gullette, our missionary in Puerto Rico,

for translating Maximo's reports.



Maximo is a graduate of Sunset School of Preaching and for many years basically supported himself by operating his own bus in Lima, as he shared the gospel with his fellow Peruvians.  In 1997, South Plains Church of Christ made the commitment to further involvement in the Lima work and assumed the full support of Maximo, so he could devote full time to preaching and teaching in the suburbs of Lima.  Maximo's wife, Gloria, is a medical doctor; they have four children and the whole family is dedicated to the work of the Lord.

Over the years, Maximo has assisted various small congregations in and around Lima.  Most of his present efforts are with the Los Piños congregation.  He is also involved in preacher training, seminars, and workshops.

Pictured here are Maximo and his family, May 2014.

Maximo and family 2014

Maximo and the auto that South Plains Church of Christ helped him purchase, photo taken November 2014.


May 14, 2017



Maximo, Gloria, David, and Elisabeth visited the South Plains Church of Christ in Lubbock.  There was a reception held in the Family Life Center for the Collaos.



Maximo gave a short greeting to the congregation during our worship services.  David was the interpreter.


"Greetings in the name of the Lord. I’d like to take this time to extend greeting from the brethren in Los Pinos, Lima (Peru). I’d like to read for you a text from the Bible, Philippians 4:10-20:

'I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble. And you Philippians yourselves know that in the beginning of the gospel, when I left Macedonia, no church entered into partnership with me in giving and receiving, except you only. Even in Thessalonica you sent me help for my needs once and again. Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit. I have received full payment, and more. I am well supplied, having received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent, a fragrant offering, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God. And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.'

I would like to use the words from the Apostle Paul, and give thanks to you the same way he did to the congregation in Philippi. This congregation and the Apostle Paul have a very close relationship – it’s the same way with you and the congregation of Los Pinos in Peru. There is a complete relationship, and your expression of love that you have for them, and it’s through that relationship that you have – we can do the work, which is your work. The gospel which has been preached is thanks to the support which you have provided, and now we can say that there are many who know the word of God. Thank you for your great support.

We also would like to thank our brethren who go every year for the eyeglasses campaign, and it is through this work we can reach out to many people with the gospel. We now have contacts in the southern part of Lima, where lots of people are studying the word of God. But at the same time, we are planning to do work in the northern part, in a very important part which is called Gahama (?). The will of God is taking place, of preaching there, and establishing a congregation there.

All of this is because of the love that you show. And again I will say, the work that is being done there is your work. Thank you very much for this effort, and God bless you. We are united through Jesus Christ’s love, even though there is distance that separates us. Thank you – God bless you."




July 22, 2015

Dear Brothers and Elders,
Greetings from me and my family to you, your families and the Christian family at South Plains.
I give thanks to God for the opportunity to work with you to spread the gospel among those who still do not know Him.  This is to inform you of my various activities in the work here.
As a result of the evangelistic efforts and the spiritual development among the members of the Los Pinos congregation, several people have been baptized:
June 7 - Roxana Castilla Condori and Cecilio Cuellar Luyo
June 28 - Ina Cahuasa, Samanta Valencia, Jessica Fernandez and Diana Diaz
July 1 - Bernardo Calzado (80 years old)
July 4 - Lida Calixto
The Los Pinos congregation and I personally want to thank you very much for your generous support of the Eye Glass Clinic Campaigns during the last six years.  This effort has paid off in benefits for the church members as well as people of the community.  These clinics have served to make the church known in several locations in Lima and this year in San Clemente, Pisco, where we have begun a new work as a result of the recent campaign there.  May God bless you for having sent four untiring workers in the persons of Mike, Mickey, Maxine and Kern (Team K Triple M).
As of this date, two brothers from Los Pinos take turns traveling to San Clemente to conduct worship services, leaving Lima at 4 a.m. each Sunday, accompanied by some of the young people from Los Pinos to teach the children.  As we have been going door to door making contacts throughout the community of San Clemente we came across an older house for sale.  It has four rooms and 320 square meters (3500 sq. ft.)  The price is 33 thousand soles or about $10,400 US.  We are in prayer that the Lord’s will be done in this situation.
Beloved Elders, that’s all for now, may God be with you in all you do.
Your fellow servant in the Kingdom,
Maximo Collao



2014 End-of-Year Report


Beloved Brethren,

After a long time and the end of the year approaching we greet you in the name of Christ wishing you God’s blessing for the year 2015.
Here is a run down of activities since June 2014:

The end of June I was in Cuzco, invited by Brother Hipolito Trivenios to teach classes in their Bible Institute as well as the congregation on the topics of Evangelism, Leadership, Denominationalism and Revelations. In July we began construction on enlarging our meeting space in Los Pinos.

July 4 the wife of Raul Leon, leader of the Surquillo congregation, died and I was invited to preach her funeral services as well as the burial services on July 6. July 5 young Gianell Soto was baptized.

August 26 we put the roof on the third story of our building in Los Pinos. I later traveled to Sicuani-Cusco to marry Wilson and Janet who were baptized on the 29th. August 30 I preached in Coracora. September 11 Gloria and I, with three others, conducted a campaign in Huancavelica, passing our tracts, preaching on the radio and worshiping with the church on Sunday.

October 10 I traveled to Arequipa to preach on the occasion of them completing the roof on their facilities, invited by Sabino Choque. While I was in Arequipa Jairo baptized Kerly Guillermo October 11. Three more people were baptized in October: Eusebio Quispe, Elsa, and Flor.

October 21 I asked Lucho Chuquimago from Curahuasi to go to Coracora for two weeks of preaching and evangelization there and sent him money to cover expenses. Three people were baptized as a result.

November 5-14 we enjoyed the visit of the South Plains team who contributed greatly to the work in Los Pinos as well as other congregations in Lima. Thank you so much for everything! November 28 Gloria, I and one other sister traveled to Tuco, Lircay, and Huancavelica for evangelism, eye clinic and medical campaign. We distributed about 100 pair of glasses in addition to medicines. We passed out tracts, preached on the radio and had some home Bible studies. We made contact with a couple interested in knowing the true church; they meet regularly with a group of 15-20 people who are searching for the truth. We sent them additional material from Lima.

December 8 the Los Pinos Youth Group held a conference with three other congregations participating. December was the Ladies Bible Conference at Los Pinos. The night of December 13 the wedding ceremony of Idi and Karina was held at Los Pinos. They are not members but interested in knowing the truth along with others of their family.

December 19 Raul Chumbile and I traveled to Lircay, Huancavelica in response to a call from the people we had contacted there previously. We studied doctrine with 14 people on the 20th and they expressed interest in forming a part of the Church of Christ. If they want to continue studying, we are considering conducting a seminar to better equip them with knowledge of the Scriptures.

Sunday December 28 all of our family, including David, were in Coracora in support of the church there studying and visiting my sister and her family. Today December 31, several of us, including the young people will meet together at Los Pinos for a night of prayer and worship to receive the year 2015.

Three members of Los Pinos passed away this year: Isabel due to sickness, Pablo in an accident and Luis from old age.


This concludes my report; sorry it’s a bit late.

May God pour out his blessings on all of you and thank so very much for your support of the work of the Lord in Peru. We love you very much.

Your fellow servant in the Kingdom,


JUNE 30, 2014


Beloved Brethren,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus to the South Plains family.  We sincerely hope that our sister Maxine is much improved.  Gloria, Elisabet, Joel and Jairo, all busy with their jobs and studies also send their greetings.

After a series of continuous activities, and now with a little more time, I’m sending you my report - please forgive that it is a little late.
1.      In the previous report I mentioned that on Fridays I have been visiting the Quispe family.  As a result of those studies their youngest daughter, Sefora, was baptized the night of May 11.
2.      May 12-16 we collaborated with the Lucyana congregation in a medical campaign.  Joel provided translation Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Elisabet also translated on Wednesday.
3.      Friday and Saturday, May 16, 17, Bro. Esteban Austin with the Texas International Bible Institute in Austin conducted a seminar for the Lima preachers at the Panamericana Norte congregation.
4.      May 18 there were two baptisms at Los Pinos: Grigeitte Figueroa, granddaughter of our sister Justa Soto, along with an adult, Alejandro Chipana.
5.      May 22 was the beginning of a three-day seminar for preachers, attended by speakers from the United States and preachers from various cities in Peru as participants.  A special thanks to our brother Jim Guillette for accepting our invitation and for his edifying presentations.  We enjoyed having him as a guest in our home and his preaching and studies at Los Pinos as well as home studies.  Thank you for allowing him to come to Lima even though he wasn’t able to make it to all the cities we had planned for him. (Hope Jim will forgive us for the small bed and cold water!)
6.      May 28 Jim taught a group gathered at the house of Rodolfo Espinoza, resulting in the baptism of Consuelo Espinoza.
7.      June 15 Concepcion Veliz was baptized.  She previously was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses and is the mother of Consuelo, Rodolfo and Rolando Espinoza.
8.      We have begun the second trimester of the Bible Institute. Jonathan Cooper, who has been teaching two courses, retired so I am taking his place.  This means I will be teaching all day on Tuesdays and Fridays in the Institute.

This completes the report.  Thank you for your support and your prayers.  We likewise are praying for all of you.  May God bless you richly.

Your brother and fellow servant,

MARCH 26, 2014


Dear esteemed elders,

My greetings and Christian love to you in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

After some time I am again communicating with you, in order to inform you about my activities in the work:

1. During the first week of January, under my direction all of the mature and responsible members met to assign areas of the work according to the needs of the congregation. Now, they are involved with great responsibility. Among the areas of responsibility is the youth ministry.

2. Every Friday at 7:00 p.m. I am presenting a study in the home of the Quispe family. The goal is to share with them about the Christian life and hopefully evangelize different members of the family.

3. On Sunday, February 2, a young teenager 13 years old was baptized into Christ. Her name is Lisbeth and she is the granddaughter of one of our sisters names Justo Soto. She is now involved in helping teach the children.

4. From February 15-16th I traveled to the community of Victor Raul Trujillo, where I was invited to share four studies in a workshop organized by the church there.

5. From February 20th to the 22nd we hosted our Vacation Bible School where we enjoyed an average attendance of 40 children. The motive of the school is to help our teachers and teenagers work in a direct manner. The children that attended are not regular attendees on Sundays. At the closing ceremony on Saturday we shared their crafts work, some candy and New Testaments.

6. On Sunday, February 23rd a young man named Joseph Kahuasa of 24 years of age was baptized into Christ. We are including him in the worship service by helping to serve the Lord’s Supper.

7. I traveled to Coracora, where I was raised from March 4-8th. I went to see some of the children that live without their parents in the heights above the city. I was informed about them by Ylver Romero, a teenager that was baptized last year and works in the area. Y took home goods and clothes for them but it was not possible to deliver the goods since they had moved to a different area due to heavy rains.

8. On March 12th, the classes of the Interamerican Bible Institute began. The courses that I am teaching are Homiletics and Hermenuetics on Fridays for the entire day.

9. On March 16, a lady named Julia Palomino from the city of Ambar in the northern part of Lima was baptized into Christ.

10. On March 22, Job Saul de la Cruz Tito, a teenager of 12 years of age was baptized into Christ. He is the son of our sister Juana de la Cruz, a member of the Los Pinos congregation.

My beloved brothers and elders, I give thanks to God for the blessing of walking with you in this task of winning souls for the kingdom of our Lord. My prayers are for all of you.
With respect of the purchase of a vehicle, I have not able to purchase one because I have been busy. I haven’t had time to make the money transfer but I will find out from the bank on how to do it. Thank you very much for this blessing as well.

My great brothers I love and esteem you. Greetings and hugs from my family and the Los Pinos congregation.

May God richly bless you,

Yours in Christ,




JANUARY 3, 2014

To our loved ones at South Plains,

This is an update on the Lord’s work for November and December of 2013:

On November 1, the ladies of Los Pinos organized a conference with the principal theme of “Wisdom over everything, get Wisdom.” The men prepared the food for the activity. The churches that participated include: Surquillo, Chaclacayo, Panamerica Norte, Lucyana and Santo Domingo. It was a great blessing.

On November 2, at 7:00 p.m. I was invited to preach in the Suquillo congregation and I preached a lesson based on Hebrews 12:8 titled: Are we sons or illegitimate children?

From November 16-18th we traveled to Coracora (the city where I was born) with the students of IBI (Dario and Smith) on an evangelistic mission. On the 16th, we evangelized from house to house where we distributed tracts and the bulletin “Preacher of Righteousness.” On the 17th in the morning before the worship service we had the opportunity of preaching on the radio. On the 18th (on my birthday) I baptized a young man named Tito, who is the son of one of the members.

On December 20th, the students of the Interamerican Bible Institute concluded their two year program. There were some 65 professors, preachers and members who attended the graduation ceremony. The graduates received some gifts from the brothers as an expression of their love for them.

On December 28th, I was invited to perform a wedding in Las Casuarinas between a young lady from Peru named Mariella and a young man from the U.S. named Josh. A missionary that works in Cusco came to translate the ceremony into English. Mariella’s parents are friends of ours.

On December 31st until very early in the morning of January 1st, we spent the night in the church building with my family and various members of the congregation to give thanks to God for blessings received in the previous year and begin the New Year with songs of joy, praise, prayers and meditation in God’s Word. It was a wonderful experience.

Sadly, on December 14th my brother Ismael, my sons Joel and Jairo and I were involved in a car wreck on the way to a meeting in the congregation with the students of IBI. Another car came directly at us, and to avoid a wreck I had to turn the wheel strongly to the right and our SUV overturned. We give thanks to God that none of us were seriously injured other than some cuts from broken glass. For the moment, I am without transportation which makes working more complicated.

That is all for now. May God richly bless all of you.

Yours in Christ,



NOVEMBER 10, 2013

To the members of the South Plains congregation:

In the congregation of Los Pinos, we continue to always work together in unity in the area of spiritual development and maturity and as a results manifest themselves in works.

On October 13th, I was invited to preach in the congregation of Surquillo. My theme was: The Bible: An instrument of salvation or condemnation?

From October 14th to the 20th, my son Joel, Raúl Chumbile (a student in the Bible Institute) and this servant traveled to Huamachuco and Cajamarc. On the 16th we presented a short seminar and later that night a Bible study in Huamachuco. On the 17th we evangelized in a small community called Curgos (a part of Huamachuco) where Santos Ríos preaches. He is a graduate of the Bible Institute. On the 18th we traveled to Cajamarch, on the 19th we visited another small community called Santa Ursula where there is a congregation that seeks to learn about pure and sound doctrine. The leaders organized a meeting of the church at 7:00 that night until the following day. We spent the night praying, singing praises and I had the opportunity to share a message on how to obey the gospel and the New Birth. That same day I got to share Bible studies in the house of Eduardo Moreno and his family in Cajamarca.

On Sunday, October 27th after the morning worship at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon we took a group of adults and youth (about 30 in all) to a community located in the hills of San Juan de Luigancho called “Vista Alegre.” We shared Bible studies, gospel tracts, the bulletin “Preacher of Righteousness.” The youth presented a Bible study for the children and after we distributed sweets to all of them.

My wife Gloria and my daughter Elisabet got to attend the International Conference of Women that was held in the city of Houston, Texas from October 10th to the 13th. They came back full of joy and happiness. The thing they enjoyed the most was getting to know many sisters in Christ.

This is my report from the past month.

May God richly bless you.

Your servants, Gloria, Joel, Jairo, Elisabet and Maximo. Much love and care for all of you.



OCTOBER 2, 2013

To the members of the South Plains congregation:

My Greetings in the name of our Lord. We hope that with God’s help that everything is well. We are praying for you.

Here is my report for the past few months:

The congregation in Los Pinos is in the process of maturing, the majority of the members are growing in their spiritual lives and in the responsibility in the work of reaching more people with the gospel. I am presenting a series of lessons with the congregation about the value of the gospel for those who do not know the truth. I am presenting these studies on Tuesdays and Thursdays

On June 29th, as previously planned, we hosted a competition on the book of Hebrews organized by the youth of Los Pinos. The churches that attended were (Surquillo, Panamericana Norte and ourselves as the hosting congregation. The winners of the prizes were two youth from Surquillo and one from Panamericana Norte. The judges were Pablo River (a graduate of IBI and Hermenegildo Mediando, the preacher from the church in Trujillo. The adults prepared the food.

On the 13th of July at 8:00 p.m. I performed the wedding ceremony of Abel and Edy in the city of Trujillo. To support the event, I took five of our teenaged girls and five teen boys to be a part of the wedding. On the following Sunday, we visited the congregation in El Porvenir, where I had the honor of preaching and teaching.

On July 20th, the youth of Surquilo organized a competition on the book of James, and the youth of Los Pinos won the contest.

From July 26-28, a Bible conference was held in the city of Mullate, in the province of Huamachuco where I preached on Friday night, on Saturday I taught a class and then on Sunday I had the honor of preaching again. Three people were baptized into Christ and there was an attendance of more than 300 people.

On August 30th, we hosted a Seminar for the following congregations: Los Pinos, Surquillo, Panamericana Norte, Santo Domingo, Lucyana and Collique. The theme in the morning was “The Growth of the Church” and in the afternoon, “The Unity of the Church.” I had the responsibility of the workshop in the afternoon and we closed the evening with a conference under the leadership of Fernando la Torre de Cusco. The next day, August 31st, the same congregations participated in a retreat at a facility some 40 kilometers from Lima called “Las Retamas.” We had recreational games and sports directed by the youth of the Los Pinos congregation.

On September 21st, we celebrated a youth day, with a special dinner with the presence of more than 30 youth. We invited Raul Leon, the preacher of the church in Surquillo to speak at the dinner, along with the psychologist from the University of San Marcos in order to motivate the youth in the important decisions that they must make in their lives. We gave four Bibles to the new teens who came for the first time.

This is my information,

Your servants,

Gloria, Joel, Jairo, Elisabet and Maximo. Much love and care for all of you.


APRIL 25, 2013

Dear brothers and elders of South Plains.

By means of this letter I would like to extend a cordial greeting to everyone in the congregation. I would also like to update you on the activities of the Los Pinos congregation.

January: We welcomed the New Year with a night of prayer and praises with the majority of the brothers, where we shared the word of God, some recreational games and food together.

On January 14, all of the preachers in Lima met together and we made a commitment to meet together the last Monday of each month to make plans together.

We also decided to help preacher Benedicto Suricallo de Puno to help with with a prosthetic leg since he lost one to an illness. The Los Pinos congregation helped with 100 Soles (38 USD).

We also decided to help the new congregation in Pisco with 100 soles from each congregation. They are needed to repair their bathrooms and other structures.  

February: We had our Vacation Bible School from the 6th to the 9th of February for children that do not attend the congregation. Various sisters and young people helped out with the VBS and we prepared four classrooms and they were divided into age groups. We had more than 50 children present for the VBS.

On February 13th I went to Sicuani, in Cusco to conduct the wedding of a young preacher named Cesar Chuctaya and his bride Raquel.

On February 14 I traveled to Cuahuasi-Apurimac, where I presented the Bible study that night and was hosted in the house of preacher Lucho Chuquimago. The purpose of the trip was also to promote the Bible Institute among the young people of the congregation.

March. On March 11 the classes in the Bible Institute began and we continue with the two students. We don't have any new students this semester because we weren't able to promote the Institute adequately.

On March 28 and 29th the congregation in Los Pinos had a retreat with about 80% of the participants from outside of Lima. We went to a place called Retamas, which is about 40 kilometers away. We studied the Word of God, played games and spent the night around a campfire. We cooked outside. On Friday, after breakfast and the Bible study, a young man named Yulver Santiago made his decision to be baptized and he was buried by baptism in the river for the forgiveness of his sins.

Greetings from our family.

Your brother and servant,


JANUARY 7, 2013


Mission Report from Maximo Collao December 2012

Esteemed brothers and companions in the Kingdom of heaven,

May God guide your steps and may He bless you during the holiday season. May his blessing be always with you and the great family in the church.

Here is the information of the results of our activity:

In the past month of November we had many spiritual blessings in the congregation. On Thursday, November 15th at 9:00 p.m. as a result of various Bible studies we had three baptisms: Marlith Valdez, Jennifer Quise, Lennin.

On Saturday, November 17th two couples Jacob Quispe and Marlith Vadez, along with Marcos Gutierrez and Raquel Quispe went to the civil authorities to get married. On that same Saturday, we had a religious ceremony to unite Jacob and Marlith in marriage in the presence of the church and family members. Then, a week later on Sunday, November 25th we held a wedding ceremony to unite Marcos and Raquel in marriage in the presence of the church and family members. In both weddings, there was food and gifts for the two married couples.

On November 24th, the Los Pinos congregation hosted a ladies conference from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Some seventy ladies attended the event. The two speakers for the event were Francisa Trivenios of Cusco and Reyna MacDonald who is working along with her husband in the community of Tacna. Some of the men of the congregation prepared the food for the ladies.

On December 7th, we concluded the classes for the students of the Bible Institute (IBI). They will now have a recess of two months. One of the students named Smith remained to work here in Lima and the other young man named Dario returned to Huamachuco to work with the church there.

On December 8th, we had a retreat outside of Lima with some of the members of Los Pinos and members of other congregations. We enjoyed Bible study, fellowship and sports together.

On December 23rd at 2:00 p.m. we will host an event for the poor children of the neighborhood around our church building called "Chocolatada" which is a Peruvian custom. We will present small gifts to the children.

Lord willing, on December 30th we will host a fellowship meal for all the members of the congregation, where we will pray for the church and the plans of the church in the upcoming year along with prayers for greater companionship and commitment with the Lord's work.

These were the activities that took place and those that will take place. My family and I are well, thanks to God. Many thanks for your love and support for the South Plains congregation. May God richly bless you in every way.

Your brother and servant, Maximo


OCTOBER 8, 2012


South Plains Brethren,

I thank God for your concern for me, as a father for a son, and this fills me with joy. Pardon me for not being very punctual in sending you my reports, but you know that I love the Lord and his work just as you do; therefore I will not be negligent to the Lords command to do his work.

I will recap the work since last May when you returned to Lubbock after the eye clinic.  As a result of the teaching during that time a 19 year old, Miguel Rivera Mayta, was baptized for the remission of his sins on the 27th of May.  During June visits and evangelization were continued and on the 27th the mothers and children paid tribute to the fathers.

Also during June I was named Director of the Bible Institute, so I now have double responsibility, that of director and instructor.  June 13 and14 the Institute, under the direction of the President and Director held a seminar for all of the congregations with the theme, “Equipping Ourselves for the Future”, the speaker for this was Jonathan Hanegan, missionary to Argentina from the USA.

August 10-12 the Institute presented a seminar in Arequipa where Sabino Choque preaches,   in which the President of the Institute along with three instructors and the students participated. Various topics were presented; mine was” In Search of the Truth via Hermeneutics”.  August 30 the Los Pinos congregation went on a retreat outside the city to Portada del Sol, where we had devotionals, various games and enjoyed God’s creation.


September 8 we held a memorial service in the evening for Sister Aquiline Berrospi, attended by 20 non-Christians, mostly her sons and daughters, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws and grandchildren.  The lesson I gave focused on the soul’s destiny.

September 21-23 the Bible Institute held another seminar in Huamachuco, in the highlands of Trujillo for all the preachers and members in that region on the book of Revelations, in which all of the instructors participated.  My part was a broad introduction of all the interpretations that are being presented today.

September 30 we celebrated David’s birthday with a special get together of the Los Pinos youth group with lunch, skits, encouragement and gifts. Emphasis was given on the role of the youth and the joy they give us by their work with the children and other youth.

With respect to the eye clinic for next year we are in agreement with the proposal for the three of you to return in late April, early May for a week.  This is very big help to us and we are very grateful to God and to you, and South Plains. May we all continue to do God's will with His blessings.

Your brother and fellow servant,



NOVEMBER 3, 2011

To the congregation at South Plains,

Anew we communicate with you by means of this medium and we greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping that all may be well with you. My wife and I, along with our children are all well.


Here is a report from the work from last month (October):

Souls continue to be added to the Lord's body. On October 2, a young man aged 15 named Daniel was baptized. Then, on October 16th, three teenagers were baptized, Debora Marquina (age 14), Diego Huaman (age 13) and Noemi Huaman (age 11).

On October 21, I traveled to the city of Arequpa along with my sons David and Joel. The motive was to promote the Interamerican Bible Institute (IBI) for the year of 2012. We also went to give a short training that the IBI is developing for next year from January 15th to February 15th, called Intensive Ministerial Training (CAMI in Spanish). It is for any members who want to acquire more knowledge of the Bible. In Arequipa and in the congregation where Sabino Choque preaches, I had the opportunity to teach a class on discipleship from Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Joel taught the youth class and David preached to the entire congregation at 11:00 a.m.

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Today, the 1st of November, it is a holiday here in Peru. The young people of the congregation have prepared an activity for the day at the beach in Lima. Some of us adults will attend later since a young lady named Maribel wants to be baptized in the ocean.

In my past newsletter, I mentioned that sadly we were robbed when some thieves entered into the rear of our church building. We have decided to completely enclose the area where they entered with bricks. We will begin the work during the third week of November. Would it be possible to help us with $1600.00? We have saved $400 of the money that you sent for the Ladies Conference. The church at Los Pinos has approximately $2000.00 in savings, some members have promised to donate materials as they can. The Collao family will be donating 1,000 bricks.

With this information I will say goodbye for now and God bless you, the Collao family.



JANUARY 6, 2011

Dear Brothers in the Faith,


Greetings in the name of our Heavenly Father; our desire is that He will richly bless the lives and homes of all of you.  We are planning two major undertakings this month. The first is a “chocolatada”, in which we will serve hot chocolate and pastries to some 200 children of the neighborhood as well as give them some small Christmas gifts.  The Los Pinos members are being asked to participate with donations of food.  The other activity is vacation bible school during the second week of January.  We will take advantage of the contacts during the Christmas party and invite them to attend the vacation bible school.


We are little short of monetary resources at the moment as we are in the final stages of obtaining the title to the property of the building with the help of a lawyer and the cost of this is about $315.  We apologize for the late communication, but we would greatly appreciate it if you could help us out with $200 to $300.*

Maximo traveled to Cuzco recently to participate in some church activities, invited by Hipolito Trivenios.


May God continue to bless you in the New Year and thank you for everything you do for us. 


Your fellow servants,

Gloria and Maximo


* Note:  South Plains Church of Christ sent $250 to help with the costs of the “chocolatada” and building title expenses.



NOVEMBER 8, 2010


Mission work report from Maximo Collao en Lima, Peru


By means of this letter I would like to greet you and express my desire that our God may guide you in your work and in your daily lives with good health. Gloria, the children and this servant are all well. My sister Magna, that some of you know, has been very sick. But we give thanks to God that she came out well from a recent operation for female surgery.

With respect to the Lord's work here, in the last few months the following works have been done:

·    In the month of August I traveled to the city of Huamachuco where I participated in a three day conference. It resulted in 13 baptisms. I was in charge of making the arrangements for the baptisms. We went to a nearby river.

·    In the month of September, the young people participated in a sports competition in a nearby park with the teens from other congregations.

·    In the evangelistic work that we do, we met a women sick in bed that accepted that she needed to be baptized. We set a date, but before we had a chance to baptize her, she passed away. We attended the memorial service and used the opportunity to preach to those who were present.

·    In the house of sister Julia Mesías, we organized some classes on Fridays to teach the children around her home about the Bible.

·    In another house, that of a brother named Antonio, we carried out some Bible studies on Saturdays.

·    In my daily evangelistic work, I go out door-knocking.

·    On November 1st, we will have a fellowship with all the congregations in Lima.

·    On November 13th, we will host a fellowship for all the sisters in Christ here in our congregation Los Pinos. The men are going to prepare the food.


The church is passing through some difficult times due to the economic situation in our country. Some members have had to dedicate themselves to working on Sundays instead of attending worship.

My beloved brothers, we continue praying and working for our plans for next year. Greetings and a special hug for all our fellow servants.

Your brother in Christ,





This is the bulletin board in the South Plains Church of Christ foyer showing photos from the trip to Lima that several members from South Plains Church of Christ took in June.

Click on the photo to see the larger version.


JANUARY 12, 2010

Greetings to our South Plains family,

Although it’s a little late we send you greetings and best wishes in the name of our Savior for this next year.  We are in His hands and the days are His.  Many happenings are engraved in our minds as history of the past year and will be likewise in the coming year, depending on what we do.

The Los Pinos congregation concluded 2009 with many favorable stories:

1.      We have increased the size of God’s Kingdom as many people have been baptized for the remission of their sins.

2.      We have completed some of the most difficult procedures to obtain title to the property of the building.  The only thing lacking is the approval of the Association where the property is situated. When this is completed we will be able to obtain title in the name of the Church.

3.      During the latter months of 2009 I developed a series of lessons covering the responsibility of the congregation and its relationship with the preacher.  The emphasis was that a congregation ought to do everything possible to support their preacher, even if only part time.

4.      Finally, as a result of this proposition, one of the young preaching graduates of the Bible Institute, Juan Chombre, has been named to begin assuming this  responsibility so that when the generous support of South Plains of me terminates, or I plant a new congregation in another location, there will be someone directing the Los Pinos work.

5.      Also this year we will initiate what we have been hoping to do for some time, dividing the Bible Study time (10-11 am) on Sunday morning into 7 age groups:

-         Children 2-5 years old, Dennise Espinoza and helper

-         Children 6-10 years old, Rosmery Ordinola and helper

-         Adolescents 11-15 years, Diana Diaz

-         Young people 16-25 years, Juan Chumbre y Jairo

-         Adults over 26, Maximo and Higidio

-         Visitors in evangelization. Rolando and Dina Espinoza

-         Spiritual growth group for those recently baptized, Joel Jamanca and helper

-         We will be using the study “Panorama of the Bible” to better understand the Bible, its content and its message for different eras.

We hope with God’s help to be able to carry out these plans.  We ask for your prayers, as we are also praying for you.  May our God richly bless all of you.

Your fellow servants in Christ,

Maximo and Gloria


NOVEMBER 10, 2009


Dear Brethren,


We send our love and greetings to the South Plains family.  We are well and continuing in the work of our Lord with God’s help.


We are training a number of teachers so that they can assume some of the teaching responsibilities.  Our plan is to separate the congregation into three or four different age groups ( like you do at South Plains), and do intensive studies en all the classes.  Hopefully this will enable the members to mature spiritually and guide others in the Lord’s way, making them disciples.  In addition to these groups we will have an evangelistic class for new people who visit Los Pinos.  We hope that with God’s help we can accomplish our goal.


Last month a group of brothers from three congregations traveled to Pisco to inaugurate a building, loaned by a local member.  Each of the three congregations contributed to the cost of improving the facility.


October 7-10  the International Women’s Conference was held at the building of the Panamericana Norte congregation. Gloria was one of the speakers on the topic of  “The Wife in a Helping Capacity”, which was well received by the participants.  Other sisters of Los Pinos helped in the overall organization of the conference.  In addition to ladies from Lima and other cities in Peru, there were attendees from Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile.  The conference was a great blessing to all.


When we were with you in Lubbock in May, we mentioned the possibilities of beginning a new work in downtown Lima.  We are wondering if the Missions Committee and the elders have any additional thoughts regarding this.  In the Los Pinos congregation we have several young members who are seriously taking on the responsibility of much of the work of the congregation.  They could gradually assume the direction with our continued help.


November 6 was Gloria’s, birthday.  In addition to the family gathering she received several greetings via telephone and the internet.


We close, wanting you to know that you are always in our heart and mind.  We love you all very much, may God continue to bless you richly in all things.


Maximo and Gloria



Photos of Maximo helping with the South Plains Church of Christ Pillow Ministry.  Click the photo to the left to see the bigger version.





MAY 24, 2009


Dear Brethren,


We are extremely grateful to our Heavenly Father who, through you, made possible our trip to Nashville and Lubbock.  Thank you for your love, affection and generosity shown to your fellow servants.  We arrived safely in Lima and had no trouble getting though customs with all our luggage, including the equipment.


Thank you so much for all the support you have given us and your continued interest in the Lord’s work in our country.  A special thanks for the computer and projector you purchased and sent with us; we have needed and wanted these for a long time - they will be very useful in our work for the Lord.  May God bless you and reward you.  We are very grateful to each one of the families who so lovingly let us stay in their homes and invited us for meals.  Thanks also to the elders and Missions Committee members as well as the entire South Plains congregation.  You are a wonderful example of a great Christian family.


May God continue to bless you all,

Maximo, Gloria, and all the Collaos


Editor's note:  I am currently working on the Powerpoint which Maximo presented to the congregation on Wednesday, May 20.  After I have translated the text and resized the photos, I will make it available on this page.  Keep checking back!


APRIL 22, 2009


Dear Brethren,


We a very much looking forward to visit to South Plains, seeing the few people we know and getting acquainted with many more of the members.


This report for February and March combines the maturing of the church, developments in CAMI and sending our missionaries to other  cities in Peru.. To help the congregation mature, I taught a class on evangelism during January and February  to encourage and equip each member to carry this out at whatever location they might be.  One of the immediate outcomes of this is a plan for the second and last Sunday of each month after worship services all the members will go out and evangelize and later return to the building to have lunch together.


In February we developed the Intensive Missionary Training (CAMI) at the Los Pinos building, which was attended by an average of 10 students, of which two are now enrolled in the Bible Institute; a young lady from the Los Pinos congregation who came to us through the LST program.  One of the students is a member of a tribe (Ashaninka)  in the Peruvian jungle.


Jorge Tapia, a preacher and graduate of the Bible Institute and supported by the Los Pinos congregation is traveling to various parts of Peru to help the small congregations we have established.  Last week he was in Huaraz assisting the brothers in their various programs and after April 1 he will travel to Pisco to work with a new congregation the supported by several congregations in Lima, including Los Pinos.



Sunday March 29 we celebrated the new birth in the Lord’s kingdom of Cirilo Sanchez, father of Patty, who was the first Christian in their family.  That same day we celebrated the 15th birthday of our daughter Elisabet.  That day we also went out on our evangelistic campaign and later had lunch together at the building.  Later in the day we had a meeting of the church related to the legal status of the church and its responsibilities of looking after the property of the church such as the building.  To date we have not completed the paper work for the title.  We are working towards getting an exemption from paying the taxes on the building, which are quite high.


Thank you once again for the continued support.  We ask that you keep us always in your prayers.  A very special thank you for arranging and paying for the trip to visit you in Lubbock.


Your fellow servants in the kingdom,

Maximo and Gloria


FEBRUARY 9, 2009


From Maximo:

Dear South Plains Brethren,


Greetings in the name of our Savior, may he bless you always and help you overcome your difficulties.


In December we were busy with activities celebrating Christmas, trying to bring joy to the children in one of the poorer areas, Antonio Raymondi.  There we distributed “chocolatada” and toys to an average of 200 children.  We also had chocolate and toys for the children of our own congregation.

The Los Pinos congregation is committed to helping a new congregation in Pisco, where various members are traveling to hold worship services and Bible studies to help them grow spiritually as well as numerically.


Click on the small photos above to view the larger version


The Los Pinos members held meetings in December to plan the work for 2009.  Their desire is to work harder for the spiritual and numerical growth of our congregation.  The last two Sundays we had about 90 in attendance on Sunday morning and 30 at night.  On January 11 three young ladies were baptized: Reyna Jara, Janeth and Zoraida Chuquimago.  (check the SP website for photos).  Sunday January 25 the Collaos hosted a fellowship lunch for all the Los Pinos congregation.


Brothers, we thank you very much for your offer to help us with the airline tickets to visit the US.  We don’t have the resources to pay for our own, and excited and grateful the South Plains congregation would help us in this way.  We would like for Jairo and Elisabet to be able to travel as well.  We have not yet started the process for obtaining visas and would like to know when the funds would be available for purchasing the tickets or if you will buy them there.


Thanks again for all you do for us in the Lord’s work here.


Your fellow servants in the Kingdom,

Maximo and Gloria





Dear Brothers and fellow servants,


The church in Los Piños where I preach continues in its spiritual growth with an average Sunday morning attendance of 70 to 80 and an average attendance Sunday night of about 30.  Although we have difficulties and problems the members are giving service to God first place in their lives and showing their love through the worship services.


As a result of the evangelization efforts in connection with the aid to earthquake victims in Pisco, a congregation was established.  In an effort to encourage them, three congregations in Lima have accepted the responsibility to assist the members there in their spiritual development.  Every three weeks members of Los Piños travel to Pisco to help in this effort.


In October a young lady, Eddy Honores, was baptized.  She had been a member of a denominational group and is the sister of one of our Bible Institute students.  In November an elderly lady, Antonia Lopez, suffering with stomach cancer, was baptized.  Because of her fragile health condition we filled a bathtub with warm water for her immersion.  After being born again she said, “now I can die freely, knowing that I will be with my Lord”.  Her statement was a source of much rejoicing as well as motivation for those present.  She passed away a few days later.


I have an idea for your consideration.  When children become adults, they begin making their own decisions and leave the security of their home, as a sign of their maturity and development.  In the same way when the church at Los Pinos demonstrates signs of maturity, it may be time for me to let them go on their own.  In addition to the members, we have developed three young preachers plus an adult in the Bible Institute which operates in the same building.

In view of the possibility of the support from South Plains ending in 2011, I would like to begin work in January 2009 to establish a new congregation in the area where I live.  I will need to find work that will provide me an income after your support ends, but I could continue teaching and preaching the word of God.


I am very grateful for these years of cooperating with you in this work that God gave us; establishing a congregation with its own building, which is very important in Peru.  May God bless you richly, my beloved brothers.


En Cristo,





Greetings in the name of our Savior. 

During the past month we had the joy of seeing the new birth of two more members; Willie Rosales whose wife, Rosa Gonzales, is a Christian and Erik, a 15 year old boy.  His mother, Marilu was baptized last May.  Brother Saturino Serrano, father of one of our Bible Institute students, passed away recently after a long bout with terminal cancer. 


On July 28, Peru’s Independence Day, the church spent the whole day together, cooking, eating, studying and meditating on God’s word, worship and fellowship.  Our membership continues to increase, several people who were meeting with other groups are now with us and continuing to study regarding baptism.


As yet we do not have title to the property of the congregation.  Since the land belongs to a housing association which holds monthly meetings on Sunday mornings, we have been unable to attend.  They levied a fine for non-attendance, which we were able to get reduced and have now paid ($266). The 19th of July we had another food sale to raise funds for the property, but the proceeds were not enough so we had to use some of the Sunday offering to obtain title to the property.  We still have to pay taxes and administration cost to the municipality to clear the title.


Regarding our family, Joel continues to receive treatment and is studying systems engineering, having satisfactorily completed the first semester.  Elisabet will finish secondary (high school) in 2009.  David, God willing, will graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2009, and Joel is about half finished, but to date has not registered for the fall semester. Tuition for the two of them is about $14,200, we are still tying to find the funds for this as well as room and board.


Thanks again to our South Plains family and all that you do for the Lord’s work in Peru.  May God bless you.



JULY 8, 2008


A special greeting to the South Plains family,


We have been blessed during the month of June.  With two baptisms, Nelly Delgado and Sara Chuquimago were added to the church.  We also had a Mexican brother, who resides in Houston, come and give classes at the Institute for two days on Revelations and Christian acapella music.


            With regard to Jairo’s health, we have taken him for two visits with the psychiatrist, who said he is improving and needs to continue the medication.  We have taken out a loan to repair the vehicle which is now usable, but with payments.


            On July 19 we will have a fund raiser selling food in the home of a sister, Marylu, with all the members of Los Pinos participating.  This money will help us be able to pay the debt we have so we can receive title to the land at Los Pinos.  Plans are underway for a Ladies Day August 16, sponsored by Los Pinos with all the congregations in Lima participating.


            Thank you very much for you concern and support.  May God bless all of you in all things.


In Christ,

Maximo and Gloria

JUNE 3, 2008


Dear South Plains Family,


Thank you all for your concern following the auto accident and about Jairo’s health problems.  May God bless you all.


The Los Pinos congregation continues to grow slowly. In April Marilu, mother of three children was baptized.  In May Saturino Serrano, a man with terminal cancer from the highlands of Apurimac, was baptized.  One of his sons, Juvenal, is currently a student here at the Interamerican Bible Institute (IBI) in Los Pinos.


On May 10 we sponsored a dinner for the married couples of all the congregations in Lima, directed by our son David.  The following day we paid tribute to all the mothers on Mothers Day where the men prepared the meal and the young people provided the entertainment.


May 8 and 9 Tom Seals, brother in charge of the medical mission and President of IBI, taught classes from Job in the Institute here at Los Pinos.  The last two weeks we have had our son, David, with us here in Lima.  He and our second son, Joel, came with the medical mission to Lucyana.  David has returned to Nashville and Joel is going with the medical group of students and professors from David Lipscomb to distribute medicine to people of the Amazon jungle in Peru.  We have really enjoyed having them with us for a short time after two years.


In regard to our third son, Jairo, who has been diagnosed  with Schizophrenia, he is still in treatment, taking Amisulprida, Deniban and Biperideno.  Total cost for these is about $270 per month.  Cost of repair of our vehicle is about $500, which we are trying to do little by little.


Thanks again for your support, may God continue to bless you greatly.


En Cristo,

Maximo y Gloria



APRIL 1, 2008


Dear South Plains family,


Greetings in the name of our Savior.  We thank God for you and hope that he continues blessing you.  Thanks to David Rix for his help in our sons’ education.  David may finish at Lipscomb in 2009; he has had some language problems. Joel will likely have to suspend his studies until David finishes because of financial limitations.  David’s half-tuition scholarship has ended so the next year will be somewhat more expensive.


We are going through some difficult times with the deteriorating health of our third son, Jairo.  Please pray for him.


The CAMI activities finished in Los Piños Feb 8.  There were four baptisms: Abdias, Cesia, Elizabeth and Ruben, all from Arequipa.  Abdias would like to return in 2009 to enroll in the Interamerican Bible Institute (this is a new name we have recently adopted for our school to prepare Christian workers). We have also expanded the program to 6 semesters.


Feb 22-24 Maximo was invited to preach in Arequipa; Zenon was baptized a week later.  Feb 28- Mar 2 our Vacation Bible School was held at Los Pinos.  During that same time Maximo was invited to preach at Huamanga in Ayacucho.


The ladies of Los Piños meet for Bible study and work session every Wednesday at 4 pm.  Bible study for all members are held at the building Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm, as well as in various homes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5 pm.  The youth meet on Saturdays at 7 pm and we have two worship assemblies on Sundays.


On March 3, we inaugurated a new academic period in the Interamerican Bible Institute.  We have 5 students who should finish in 2010.  We solicit your prayers that all these participants can successfully finish the course and become effective workers in the Lord’s kingdom.


Thank you so much for the support you continue to provide for the work here.  Please keep us always in your prayers.  Greetings to the South Plains family and the elders.


In the love of Christ,

Maximo y Gloria





Each set of photos is in an online web album.  Click on the links below to view each album.

Each link will open in a new window or tab.


Conference in Huamachuco

Accident on Return to Lima

Joel's Birthday

First trip to aid earthquake victims near Pisco, south of Lima

Second trip to aid earthquake victims near Pisco, south of Lima





With the Christian love which unites us all we send greetings to the South Plains family along with a report of our recent activities.


We ended 2007 with a series of activities in several locations, including the Los Pinos congregation.  December 14 Leonardo Rios graduated from the School of Biblical Studies, the only one who was able to complete his studies as others had to withdraw for various personal reasons.  He was honored with a dinner on Dec 15.


December 22 we prepared a “chocolatada” and had gifts for the children of Los Pinos along with others, who visited us with their mothers, a total of 60 people.  Sunday December 23, 12 brethren traveled to Los Angeles Caniete where we prepared a “chocolatada” for 350 children and adults.  Following a brief Bible lesson which I shared with those present, the youth group from Los Pinos presented a skit related to Christmas, “Love is the most important part of Christmas”.  That Sunday night we held evening worship in the house of Brother Zocimo.  It is to his house brothers from Los Pinos take turns traveling to conduct worship services every Sunday.


This year beginning in January 7 we have initiated a project to train young people and leaders of the congregations which we call “Intensive Missionary Training” (CAMI).  This is an extension of the Bible School for those interested but who can not attend the regular courses for two years at the School.  The courses will be the same as those being taught at the School.  This will continue through February 8.  There are a total of 17 participants; nine are from other cities and eight from congregations here in Lima.  The classes are being taught at the Los Pinos building and those from outside Lima are housed at the building.  Recently we had three baptisms; Abel Huamani, Leonardo, and Juvenal.  We had a total of 15 baptisms last year.


My family and the family of Los Pinos send greetings and gratitude to all of you there for your continued support of the Lord’s work in Peru.


Yours in Christ,


SEPTEMBER 29, 2007 - Photos from the earthquake aftermath



Click on the small photos here to view the larger version

These are photos from the aftermath of the recent earthquake and the help provided by South Plains through Maximo and the Los Pinos congregation.  Notice the vests worn by the Los Pinos volunteers.





Click on the small photos here to view the larger version

These are photos from the Ladies' Day Conference in Lima, as well as some photos of the campaign in the highlands, in which Maximo was involved.





Dear Brethren,


Thank you so much for your concern for our safety and well being following the earthquake.  Actually Gloria and I were in Huamachuco at the time.  I was invited to participate in a conference there which resulted in the baptisms of 11 people.  We have also had two baptisms recently in Los Pinos.

As we were returning to Lima from Huamachuco, the bus in which we were riding collided with a large truck, causing some anxious moments among the passengers as it appeared that both vehicles might fall into the canyon.  But the hand of God was more powerful and protected us so that we are still alive and in his service, for which we are most grateful.


Thank you for your generous contribution to help those in the area of Pisco where there was extensive damage.  We plan to travel on Friday (Aug 28) to a small village outside of Pisco where so far very little help has arrived.  We will be sending pictures of all these activities as we can.


Thanks again for your generosity and continued support of spreading the gospel in Peru.


May God continue to bless you richly.


Yours in Christ,

Maximo & Gloria



UPDATE - JULY 4, 2007


We were very happy to have the Hoppers visit us on Mothers Day! It encourages us greatly to see the love they have for the work of the Lord at Los Pinos and we are very grateful for the financial contribution they made. We have decided to put that with the small amount we have collected and finish the floor in the worship assembly room and replace the chairs that were stolen. We will be sending photos as the work progresses.

Please forgive me for the delay in answering your last letter; we have been very busy with congregation activities. On June 1 & 2 we had a meeting with Javier Cuaresma from Michigan who had previously been in Bolivia; He was at the Pan American Lectureships last year where we met him. During this meeting tow young people were baptized: Raquel Jamaica and Jonatan Chumbe, and on Sunday Noemi Ramos was baptized. Brother Javier also taught the book of Acts in our Preacher Training School.

We also conducted a Ladies Conference organized by Gloria and special participation by Francisca Trevino fm Cuzco; Ladies from several congregations in Lima were in attendance.

We have had two young ladies and a young man working at Los Pinos with Lets Start Talking, Deven, Kelli and Keith from Norman, OK. They retuned to the US last night. On June 10 we had the young man from South Plains and two young ladies with us for lunch and the afternoon. They are working at the Olivar congregation.

David stayed in Nashville this summer; he is working to earn money for next years schooling. Joel is leaving the University for economic reasons. He is considering attending SIBI in Lubbock where I attended. David sent me a digital camera, thanks so much for covering the cost of it.

Thanks for your continued interest and support of the Lord’s work here in Peru. May God continue to bless you, greetings to all the brethren. We will be sending pictures later.

Your brother and fellow servant in Christ,



MAY 19, 2007

Greetings in the name of the Lord, and my wishes for God's constant blessings, to the brothers and sisters in the faith who comprise the great family of South Plains Church of Christ.


Thanks to God that in 2007 so far, eight people have been added to the Church in Peru.


On January 20, three members of the Rojas family were baptized.  They had participated in the Friday Bible studies in the home of Julia and Mesias Gonzales.  The baptisms took place in the Chillon River, north of Lima.

The baptism of Froilan Rojas

The baptism of Isabel Rojas

The baptism of Ximena Rojas

On March 31, Emer Vallejo, who began studies in the Bible School in 2006, was baptized.  He comes from Ayacucho and was a member of a denominational group.  He really wants to establish a congregation in his home town.


On April 1, Maximo's youngest daughter, Elisabet, was baptized.  Maximo gives thanks to God that all four of his children are Christians, members of the church.


On April 22, the baptism of brother Fortunato.


On February 25, Carlos was baptized, and on May 3, Isabel Sanchez was baptized.  Unfortunately, we don't have photos of those.


Loved brothers, thank you very much for everything.  Our God continues to bless us all.


In the love of Christ, Maximo & Gloria




Dear South Plains family,

I begin by thanking you for the opportunity you have given me to work with you in the Kingdom and the financial support you have provided to help extend the its borders into Latin America like Peru with its diverse Catholic culture and Andean customs.  I’m not deserving of the support you give me but I often share it with others who are in need.  Many of our members have limited income and others don’t have work and need help at times with food and medicine.


Although last year we didn’t experience large growth numbers we are determined to strive even harder this year in our struggle with Satan and attempting to gain souls for Christ.

Some members of other religious groups have decided to meet with us including a social worker and her family, along with friends and family of Joel Jamanca, who is finishing his studies at the preachers training school in Quito.


During the latter days of November we held a Ladies Day attended by a large number from Lima.  We graduated four of the six students from our Bible School for this year in a ceremony on December 15 at the Miraflores congregation followed by a dinner in their honor on Saturday the 16th.


Evangelistic efforts continued in the school where sister Dina works with studies in their homes, since the school is not in session.  We prepared and served refreshments and distributed gifts with the help of our young people to kids in three different locations: 60 children in Antonio Raymondi, 30 children in the house of Julia and 120 children at Los Pinos.  We solicited financial help from various small businesses in the neighborhood; one contributed $68, another gave 14 pairs of shoes and another several packages of snacks.


With regard to the family, our daughter, Elisabet, finished her second year of high school, son Jairo is preparing to enter the university in Lima and our other sons, Joel and David, are studying at David Lipscomb University in spite of financial difficulties.  Thanks to those of you who are helping them with some of their costs.


May our God, who is constantly present to help us, bless you richly in all things, and may your generosity be a sweet offering before him.  Farewell for now with much Christian love.  Greetings from the family.


Your fellow servant in Christ,



Please take a look at the recent pictures from Peru (below).

Photos from Peru

Posted January 3, 2007

Click on the small photos below to view the larger version


24 PHOTOS posted online December 19, 2005

Several photos of church activities.

PHOTOS posted online September 19, 2005.  These photos of medical missions activities and the resulting baptisms.

PHOTOS posted online January 22, 2005.  These photos are from the Conference of Christian Ladies, held in Lima on September 24-26, 2004. Dec. 11, 2003 - Maximo sent South Plains 14 photos from different events that have taken place in Peru during 2003.  CLICK HERE to view the photos.

Maximo is a graduate of Sunset School of Preaching and for many years basically supported himself by operating his own bus in Lima, as he shared the gospel with his fellow Peruvians.  In 1997, South Plains Church of Christ made the commitment to further involvement in the Lima work and assumed the full support of Maximo, so he could devote full time to preaching and teaching in the suburbs of Lima.  Maximo's wife, Gloria, is a medical doctor; they have four children and the whole family is dedicated to the work of the Lord.

Over the years, Maximo has assisted various small congregations in and around Lima.  Most of his present efforts are with the Los Pinos congregation, which is in the process of constructing a building.  Following a visit to Peru in July 1999 by two South Plains Church of Christ elders and a missions committee representative, the decision was made to provide additional financial help for their building program.  The building now has permanent walls and roof and provides a much-improved meeting place for the Los Pinos congregation.  Future plans include adding a second story for classrooms and facilities for preacher training, seminars, and workshops.

Thanks to Kern Stutler, one of our elders at South Plains Church of Christ, for translating Maximo's letters and e-mails.



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